Ever since I was a child, I was mesmerized by colors.

That’s the reason why I started drawing and painting. In my high school year, I was fascinated by the beauty of traditional Korean paintings whichbrought me to an incredible experience of colors and uniqueness. As I was at the top level of Korean painting, doors opened to figure painting, oriental painting and Christian painting.

When I started make-up, I was introduced to the opportunity of breathtaking, alive and glamorous colors and work. I worked as a trainer in Shiseido, and learned about the spirit of Omotenasi and its function and skill in basic makeup. As I worked as a freelance in Beauty Field, I was involved with numerous events and learned about the harmonization of humanity and colors.

Currently, I am working with fashion magazines and many different works that bring me to a higher and different level of the colors.I believe the experience I gathered will enable me to shine the beauty of the creation God made for humanity.